Stream audio between your devices

Turn your phone into a microphone or speakers for PC Download
Fully exploit your Android phone

Use your phone as a microphone for PC

Need a mic? Don't panic, you can use your smartphone. AudioRelay records your phone's mic and sends it to your PC over Wi-Fi.

Use your phone as a speaker for PC

With AudioRelay, you can stream your PC's audio to your phone in realtime. You'll be able to move around the house or listen far away without disturbing anyone



Turn your phone into a wireless speaker or headset for your computer


Use a USB connection to get the best experience possible

Multiple devices

Send your music to multiple rooms, wirelessly listen with multiple people

Low delay

Your PC audio is sent in realtime. Experience lower latency than with Bluetooth
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Stream your music, listen to your movies, hear your games or use your phone as micDownload
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